About Us
About Us


"B & B" Operators and wife's name abbreviation ,Also it contains our expectations for commodities.
"Best of the Best"We look forward to creating a good design even better products.
By using the "Traditional. Creative. New thinking" as the way ,The design of safer and non-toxic product!
Currently in China's rise and changing lifestyles ,Price competition has become a vicious cycle.But the quality has become another worrywe insist made in Taiwan , to make our products more advantages.
Silicone rubber product , it's not just the industrial use ,It can be more close to the heart,Into our lives,
Manufactured lid Coaster 3C and household goods ......So, we use the combination of machine intelligence , create the "B & B" brand .Combines ,  family (father and son) friend (consumers) love (husband and wife) .
We hope to give consumers a warm Goods ,Rather than giving the impression of cold.



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